Graphic Cards

Graphic cards. The main concern of every gamer. A good graphic card gives your eyes orgasms. A bad one gives you headaches. A good one costs a grenade. A bad one, peanuts.

Since the day I decided to buy a Radeon 9800PRO card, I feel terrified playing games on my GeForce2. I get anxious and time passes by slowly. This is an undesirable effect from planning too early.

The 9800PRO costs around $600. Exactly half my pay, which I am gladly and willing to part with since it is from what I know, the second best card in the market. Guaranteed to make me enjoy Final Fantasy 11 at it’s best. I don’t see myself playing FF11 within the next few months as I save up some money for a powerful gaming system.

I “borrowed” my office’s GeForce4 to use for the time being, for about 2 weeks till I get my next pay. I replaced it with my own GeForce2. At least my games aren’t lagging or choppy anymore.

Singnet 1500

Just gave the Singnet Bandwidth-on-Demand promotion a try. 1.03cents for every 1MB downloaded through their 1500kbps line. It’s 3 times faster than my normal plan. Theoretically, I should be able to go as high as 180KBytes/sec but I managed only up to 155KBytes/sec. Check out the screenshot. The BitTorrent file has about 3500+ seeders and 1700+ leechers.

And yea, paycheck was a great movie!

Worst Week

This is the worst week I ever experienced. First, was being late for work by an hour. Next, I had a shard of duck bone pierced into, between my teeth and gums. Had to use considerable strength to pull it out. And then this morning, I overslept on the bus and ended up at Kampong Bahru! Sigh… [:(]

I wonder, if everyone has a biological 24-hour clock, mine would most probably be a 27-hour clock. During school vacations, I would sleep for 10 hours and stay awake for the next 17 hours. How I miss those days where I can just fuck up my sleeping habits without worrying. If I stayed awake till 7am, my legs would start to feel a little numb and my eyes, heavy. Yet my mind feels refreshed. Ah… Now I recall the days of staying up the whole night outside with friends. /me is suddenly overwhelmed with nostalgia again.


Irregular sleeping habits have finally made their move. I woke up late at 9am today. The time I’m supposed to be at work already. Phoned my boss to inform him and rushed out to the bus stop.

I distinctively remember setting my handphone’s alarm to 7am and usually, I leave it on a table next to my bed. This morning, it was right under my pillow. My sub-concious is probably saying “Fuck punctuality, you need extra sleep.”