PC at work dies

Tech support from D-link called me, after a short chat, we concluded that the unit is faulty and I’ll have to bring it back to the shop for a 1 to 1 replacement.

Computer at work refused to boot into BIOS. Spent the whole morning shopping for a new one. I now have a Quad-Core CPU.

Will work on restoring my blog over the weekend.

My first NAS

Purchased a D-link DNS-323 with 2x 1TB WD Cavier Green (as to why the fuck did I buy WD again, I don’t know.) harddisks to run RAID 1 and to start backing up files.

Brought it home, unpacked everything, begin setting up, only to find that the unit is faulty. The web UI doesn’t work.

The beginning of a series of nightmares

Server’s harddisk died.

It will cost $2050.00 SGD to recover the data. So I say screw it.

Simply because with that amount of money, I could fly myself to Japan and have a great time to make up for this loss.

And this harddisk that died, was expensive as it’s meant for 24/7 operation. It lasted less than a year? what the heck…

The report says:

Physical damage to the read/write head assembly.
Electrical failures located throughout the printed circuit board.
Multiple read errors located throughout the platter surface(s).
Possible file structure damage.

P.S. It’s a Western Digital RE2 harddisk. :(