Temptations for a new computer

So last Friday my PC at work died right? Thus I went down to shop for a new one. I get to customize the parts I want.

I went for a quad-core PC because I always run a lot of apps. Photoshop, notepad++, multiple browsers, IIS, MySQL, outlook, etc.

I also went for a faster SATA harddisk, 2 sticks of 2GB ram, a cheap but good graphics card. It all totalled to $970. Pretty cheap for a strong computer.

Thus, I’m tempted to upgrade my gaming computer at home. I’ll probably do so when I get my bonus salary this year.

All the while I’ve been using a SFF PC as my 24/7 PC running bittorrent and serving my blog.

I suppose the cooling isn’t good enough. I might revive one of my old computer case to use as my next 24/7 PC, and the SFF as my portable one for LAN parties or experiment with all those different Linux OSes out there.

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