DRKs aren’t given up on yet!

Last night, as I was about to change my Job to a level 10 Thief in Windurst,
I received 2 tells from different parties, both interested in having me for an
exp party. [XD] I’m happy because I wasn’t even in Jeuno and I didn’t have my
“Looking For Party” flag up.

The first one came from a Japanese player and with my meagre understanding of
Japanese, I was able to understand that he/she was asking how much exp I need to
level up. But she had to reject me because I was close to levelling and if I
did, the experience points gained per kill would drop significantly because the
monster would be of lower difficulty once I levelled.

The second one was from an American, who mistook me for a Dragoon. This is
the second time I got mistaken for a Dragoon in a week. Probably because the
acronyms for Dark Knight and Dragoon are DRK and DRG respectively. Anyways,
I got invited into the party and because at that time, we were
desperate for a tank so a level 57 Paladin was invited. We had a huge exp hit
but it didn’t matter to me (since I was close to hitting level 55) nor the
2 Japanese players already in the party.

Before we set out, I bought a Royal Knight’s Chainmail for 70K gil, thinking
I could finally get out of my Brigandine this evening. But alas! Our Bard
disconnected and without her Madrigal’s, my attacks keep missing. Absorb-AGI
helped only for a short duration and weakens as time passes.

Everything ended with me, 240 exp points to next level. T_T

Still, the fact that I got 2 invites despite being in a different place and
no intention for an exp party that night made me glad. I might hold back
levelling Thief for a while and see how it goes.

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