horror games

PlayStation2 has so many good games that make me want to buy it. Silent Hill series, Fatal Frame series, Final Fantasy series.

But PS3 is coming soon, even better, it’s backwards compatible and seems like it will make PS2 games appear nicer so I’ll try to control this growing desire until it gets released.


Hahahaha, an idea just struck me. I think I’ll check with my friends and see if any one of them are willing to lend me their PS2 to play Silent Hill.

*Wyred is now all crazy about Silent Hill.

a peep into my life

Ya Kun’s coffee. Nice balance of bitter and sweet and strong aroma.
Sometimes I like to start my day at work with this. 90 cents.

My cupboard is full of manga already and so I stacked them up on my computer…

I love these. Juicy, tasty. Mos chicken.

Ang Mo Kio. Best place to stay in Singapore.

Supper with a friend. Nissin cup noodles: Tom yam flavour.

As we crossed the street from the petrol station where we bought these, we joked about getting hit by a car and how funny the scene would look like with a body lying there and noodles spilled all over the road, hahaha.