The road to 100 cooking

Perhaps I was really lucky. Getting the last 1 skill for 100 cooking took me a really short time.

After retrieving ingredients from my cooking mule, I decided to give it a try at skilling up on cursed soup. Headed down to Crawler’s Nest and started farming…

At first I thought royal jellies were rare/ex,
so I slept my link and used the first jelly before killing the link.

When I first tried farming royal jelly for a windurst quest, it took me an hour just to get one. But this time, I farmed up about 10 in 3 hours. Perhaps it’s because I’m 75 DRK and it makes killing those bees faster.

Gotta love it when things like this happen. 

In the end, I got a total of 0.6 for cooking.

Next day, I decided to use the 7 pieces of dragon meat I’ve been saving. It also happened to be Full Moon phase.

First synth broke ( >_<)  But a nice 0.2 on the second and third synth.

Then I ran out of dragon meat. At this point, I was 99.9 at cooking. So I bought a piece of dragon meat from the AH and…

Mua hahahahaha!

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