another summary

Well, not much to talk about. So here’s what happened recently~♪


Did 2 KS30s, both Copycat and got a Fuma sune-ate from both. They cost about 1,000,000g.

Fought Big Bomb and Zoraal Ja’s Pkuucha. Both NMs of the new Aht Uhrgan areas. Big Bomb dropped a club and the colibri NM dropped Fowler’s earring.

A friend was farming ram skins in La’theine and he popped Bloodtear Baldgruf! So I got to tank it! It spams mighty strikes and has very low delay but I still managed to tank it as DRK/PLD with some cures from a BLM/WHM friend. I may be able to solo it if I brought some yagudo drinks, ate defense food and brought evasion equipment. Viking’s shield didn’t drop though.

My Dark Magic merits is full now. LV 8! I’m going to get Diabolic Eye(group 2 merits) next and see if it helps at Kirin fights.

My last 2-3 EXP PTs on my PLD were good. PLD68 now with 90000exp more to 69. I’m using STR gear which I have for my DRK on my PLD during WS. After the melees do distortion SC, I throw in Swift Blade as soon as I see the BLM finish casting his spell for MBing and create another darkness SC. Sadly, the BLMs I had aren’t sharp enough to notice this and overlook a second chance to MB. Or perhaps it’s not worth it? Hmmm…




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