a peep into my life – ep 3

Orange morning sun today.

O$P$ = Owe money pay money. Taken inside the lift.

The building I live in, is made up of 2-room apartments. In other words, very small homes. My family is poor so we can’t afford bigger homes. Thus, a lot of families in my building are low-income families.

Therefore, a lot of people here tend to borrow money from loan sharks to gamble, etc. When they can’t pay up, loan sharks will begin harassing them by writing their apartment number(line 1) and their contact number, in this case, the person’s handphone number (line 2, partially censored for obvious reasons.) and line 3 is the message. They write in places like inside the elevators, staircases where a lot of people pass by.

Other tactics include splashing paint at your door, chaining up your door. I think in Hong Kong, they hang pig heads in front of your door.

A nice quite resting spot I found in Ann Siang Hill. Near Maxwell hawker centre.

Had sushi for dinner last night with a friend at Sakae Sushi. One of Singapore’s popular sushi restaurants.

Meet Bob.

sensitive teeth

Some of my teeth is sensitive to cold drinks and sweet stuff.

Thus, I cannot enjoy chocolate without experiencing pain.

I guess it’s because I only brush my teeth once every 1-2 days. 

/sigh /cry

Going to try Sensodyne’s toothpaste soon.

So kids! Remember to brush your teeth everyday! 

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth & Gyakuten Saiban

Finally got homebrew all setup on my PSP. Initially, I wondered why I keep getting "corrupted data" error. Turns out a UMD is needed. Luckily a friend had a spare one and he’s lending it to me until I buy my own.

Right now I’m playing VP:L. It’s fun enough to keep me awake throughout the 1 hour bus ride to work. Most of the characters that you pick up in the game each has a story behind them. A unique fighting system that requires good timing and planning.

Should Deny The Divine Destiny Of The Destinies??????

The artwork and scenery in this game is very beautiful.

Gyakuten Saiban (逆転裁判) turned out to be very good. You play a defense attorney and basically the gameplay is going around looking for evidence, clues, talk with people and during the court trials, you cross-examine the witnesses and expose the lies in their testimonies.

You have to be careful when making objections. Make 6 mistakes and it’s gameover. However, you can press them for details on each of their statements.

I’ve only finished 2 chapters out of 5. And already, I’m enjoying it a lot! Games like these have no replay value. So I may be selling it once I’m finished.