The most depressing thing in FFXI

I’ve camped NMs for hours just to see it claimed by others.

I’ve had an Ulli stolen from me (pre-Ulli patch) by RMTs after hours of camping it.

I’ve lost lot of a very good and rare RARE/EX equipment to someone who doesn’t have nor levelling a job that can use it.

I’ve been through Kirin and Byakko wipes with the NM despawning.

I’ve had my fair share of LS drama involving the kicking of members and denying ownership of osodes and I’ve never felt good about it.

I’ve seen many friends return just to quit FFXI again.

But nothing’s more depressing than seeing the character/name of a friend being used by someone else.

To every friend I’ve made in FFXI, if you were to quit FFXI one day, just cancel your content IDs ok? At least you’re not paying anything and the name stays taken on the FFXI servers.


The story behind this entry, I was just finished with setting up my bazaar in Battalia and was about to go to sleep when I saw a familiar name checking my bazaar, a name I haven’t seen in many months.

I immediately did a /t to target this old friend.

The friend I knew had a female hume, but what I saw was a male tarutaru, and a mule character too.

Which led me to believe said friend had deleted her character and left without saying goodbye… *sigh*

While the majority would assume she had quit and gone on with her life, I can’t help but wonder if she had met with something unfortunate IRL. *touch wood*

Update 2:

For Trebla:


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