cosplay scene in Singapore

Channel U News Club ep23 Cosplay – Youtube link

Something I don’t like about local anime groups is they seem to be unfriendly towards outsiders. Or have I just not met the right group yet?

I’m in an "anime group" myself. We’ve all met up in real-life to talk about animes, games and geeky stuff. But because most of them are serving their National Service (compulsory military service). We haven’t had much time to hang out or chat together anymore. We used to chat frequently in IRC too, on some days, we chat all the way to 3am. Fun times indeed.

Hmm… talking about this brings back nice memories. ^^ 

<k-r-a-s-h> 2 days later, no more new anime releases
<k-r-a-s-h> all studios no power
<LatrommI> evangelion unit’s using the city again?
<U-N-C-L-E> what’s PID?
<KikyoMiko> Pornographic Investigating Department
<UrInAlZ> yeah man pornography
<UrInAlZ> yeah man, pornography
<UrInAlZ> not man pornography
<BUZZ> any friendster suckers here
<latte-> i heard about that
<latte-> dash tried to get me into it
<BUZZ> carnage got me into it
<latte-> and?
<BUZZ> and liek this
<BUZZ> so fuck u
<latte-> ta
<latte-> fuCK YOU!
<latte-> eat shit
<latte-> its like u got pics and shit rite
<BUZZ> its like bittorrent
<BUZZ> but isntead of sharing files
<BUZZ> u share friends
<k-r-a-s-h> buzz
<k-r-a-s-h> add me
<k-r-a-s-h> *
<BUZZ> ok
<a|iCh|nO> buzz: added you
<a|iCh|nO> =)
<BUZZ> ok
<BUZZ> see
<BUZZ> like bittorrent
<latte-> ooooo
<wyred> hahaha
<a|iCh|nO> what a fucked up analogy
<k-r-a-s-h> eh turn your keyboard upside down
<k-r-a-s-h> and shake the stuff out
<k-r-a-s-h> and see what comes out
<wired> hmmm… a 1 cent coin, some pubic hair, a dead ant, four leaf clover
<BUZZ> got ant queen?
<k-r-a-s-h> lol
<wired> I donno, let me shake harder
<wyred2K> Dinner at tom yam ramen restaurant, $50
<wyred2K> porn magazines… $20
<wyred2K> movie tickets to dawn of the dead, $35
<wyred2K> seeing KikyoMiko hide behind a box of popcorn while watching dawn of the dead, priceless
<wyred2K> there’s some things money can’t buy
<wyred2K> damn I forgot the last sentence
<BUZZ> something about the card
<BUZZ> i think
<wyred2K> for everything else, there’s mastercard <- ?
<BUZZ> sounds like it
<KikyoMiko> fuckers
<BUZZ> i had 1 cock friend
<BUZZ> went bowling
<BUZZ> bowling ball drop
<BUZZ> he use his leg to trap the ball
<BUZZ> like soccer
<BUZZ> end up in hospital

Pardon the singlish, lol.

weekend rain

It rained well, it rained heavily, it rained at a good time when I’m warm and cozy at home.

The last 1-2 weeks have been very humid and warm.

Ahhh…. <3 the rain.

Final Fantasy XII Potions

I had dinner with a friend at Sumo House at Ang Mo Kio central. Cheap Japanese dishes but I still believe the local Japanese meals will never be as good as the ones in Japan.

*dreams about eating authentic Japanese dishes in Japan prepared by chefs with passion*

After dinner, we visited a small game store next to the restaurant. It’s too cramped and packed full of different stuff. We spotted a Naruto costume too.

What caught my eye was the FF12 potions.

And being the collector, I couldn’t help but get one. ( >_<)
Price: SGD$20, USD$12.50.

Yes, $20 for a glass bottle of drink. Haha

Reasons, 1) Final Fantasy related! 2) Funny commercial. 3) Final Fantasy related!

There’s 6(I think) different designs and all the boxes are the same so you can’t tell which box has the design you want if you intend to collect them all. Random. But just 1 is enough. I like to collect stuff but to spend more than $100 to get all is too much for me. ( >_<)


Comes with a collector’s card. There’s 27 different designs of these.

There’s a small piece of paper that came with it, I don’t understand most of it but I have a faint feeling it’s a note to those who intend to keep the bottles for display. So…. Onekomaru! Help!

The last 2 lines of the second point say "container will break" and "danger" which is why I’m concerned. lol

To those interested, here’s the commercial for this product.

Blizzaga!! Aeroga!! Thundaga!!!!!!

a peep into my life – ep 2

Obligatory photo of the morning sky.

Obligatory photo of what I had for lunch.

This is Chicken Briyani. A muslin dish. Very delicious. I asked for extra rice and curry, and this will be the last time I ask for extra rice.

Actually, this is what I really want to show off today [:D]

The CDs I bought from have arrived!

I usually don’t buy CDs unless they’re really good. I download albums via BT first to sample them. If they’re really good, I’ll order them just because I’m a quality-freak!

Most of the CDs I want, can’t be found locally. And even if I do find them, they cost $70 because they’re imports from Japan.

I paid about $300 for 8 CDs and $20 for shipping. Assuming all 8 CDs are sold in the local HMV, I would have to spend up to $500 to buy them locally. >_>

CDs I bought:
Angela – Phrythm
ALI Project – Dilettante
Final Fantasy XI – Original Soundtrack
Final Fantasy XI – Rise of the Zilart
Final Fantasy XI – Chains of Promathia
Final Fantasy XI – Music from the other side of Vana’diel
Final Fantasy Tactics OST
More Friends – music from Final Fantasy