By the time I realize, I’m back to work

Last week was the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year. So Monday and Tuesday was a public holiday. Seized the opportunity and took 3 days leave and so I was work-free last week.

Seriously, I don’t feel anything exciting this Lunar New Year. It was just another ordinary day like all the previous holidays. At least the way holidays are celebrated in Singapore is getting old, stupid and no longer interesting. I still like it here. Food, transport and living conditions are not bad. Heh, even one of the two Industrial Attachment students (aka interns) at my office agree that Ang Mo Kio is the best place to live in in Singapore. (She stays in Ang Mo Kio too. [:p])

Not much happened over the last week as I spent most of the time yet again in FFXI and watching a Japanese drama: 電車男.

Actually, I wanted to go back to Malaysia and spend a few worry-free days with my relatives. But that mood of wanting to go back came too late. Most air/bus tickets back are fully booked because of the Lunar New Year. Yea, lately work has stressed me to the point I want to get out of Singapore just to escape.

I’m kind of sick and disgusted by Singapore’s dramas. They are both lame and cheesy and 90% of the lifestyle portrayed by a Singapore drama is not what it really is. I’m quite sure this is what disgusts me and which is also why I don’t get sick of Japanese drama because I’ve never been to Japan. The "cheesiness" in Japanese dramas are within my tolerable levels and with my strong interest in Japanese culture, I enjoy watching Japanese dramas once in a while. [:D]

Meh, last week went by fast. Because I’m enjoying every minute of it doing whatever I like. Feels like I’ll turn 30 tomorrow. And will I still blog when I’m 50?

Hmmm… mental note to backup my blog entries tonight! /fear 

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