Bad things and good things

A lot of shit happened last week. Both good and bad. I don’t know whether to feel happy or sad. 40% of me now wants to quit FFXI because of the growing population of immature players. I don’t care how old they are but as long as they act like a kid around me, I don’t like them. The other 60% of me wants to stay because of the friends I’ve made.

But I won’t give in just yet. There’s still much enjoyment in this game waiting for me and friends I want to adventure with. (Areu, get a hold of yourself and organize something fun for us for once.)

A few months ago, I mentioned about getting a new phone. Well, I went ahead and bought one without signing another 2 year contract for a discount. So it’s S$448 for my new Nokia 6170. I love it’s steel surface and classy look. And after some googling, I’ve managed to get the PC Suite working with my phone.

Here’s a photo of my desk at work.

Click on it for a larger unaltered image fresh from the phone taken at high quality (highest possible).

Not too shabby and not very good but I think it’s acceptable so far. 

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