sea, finally

Finally have Al’Taieu access.
Thanks to Shelaさん for organizing and re-doing the missions all over again with the rest of us.

In Al’Taieu, many creatures resemble sea creatures in real life, I think this is why many simple refer to it as Sea. (There’s even an auto-translate word for it).
Up here is a flying jellyfish. I heard it’s pretty tough so we kept avoiding it by not running below it.

Creature on my left is probably a dolphin. The blue one resembles a stingray.

Non-sea-related pic. But I find this pose so funny I tried doing it in real-life except holding a roll of toilet paper.

I kind of liked Al’Taieu because in real life, I have fascination with sea creatures. Sharks, octopus, giant squids, etc. All thanks to science-fiction films. [:D]

Honestly, I’m a little disappointed with Al’Taieu as it’s only a small area to explore. Once you’ve finished the mini-quest by talking to all the 20 Quasiliums for the map, you’ve already run around half of Al’Taieu. I haven’t explored the Grand Palace of Hu’Xzoi and the Garden of Ru’Hmet yet but judging from the maps I’ve seen, it looks pretty simple.

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