Can’t stop loving rain

It’s been raining a lot in many places of Singapore for the past 4-5(?) days. For some unknown reason, I like the sound of rain outside my window.

The other day when I walked home from the bus stop, it was drizzling lightly that time. The raindrops falling on me felt comfortable and I just forgot all the stress I had that day at work.

Till now, I haven’t had my mobile phone changed. Mum’s friend is too busy to meet up and I need her to transfer the account to me now that I have Singapore PR. I want to change my phone to one with a built-in camera to take photos for this blog~ 

2 Replies to “Can’t stop loving rain”

  1. the other day i told my friend
    ‘it will rain continuosly for a week’
    and it seems that it’s happening.

    i hope it carries on this way :D

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