Lonely Sunday

This Friday and Saturday was rather fruitful for me. Finally got my Hecatomb Mittens(+7 STR gear) and Culinarian’s Apron on the same night (both shown in this picture). I’m going to start skilling up my cooking skill again! (´▽`)

Next up was Dynamis-Beaucedine. On 2 occasions I fell asleep and got left behind, but I’m glad no one decided to kick me out of dynamis therefore I managed to catch up before lagging too far behind.

We cleared the boss and I now have access to Dynamis-Xarcabard I think. Not a single DRK relic dropped though. (´Д`)

Later today, after some good sleep. I tried seeking for an EXP PT. Tried putting a Japanese sentence in my search comment this time. "日本語少し解るのシンガポール人です" meaning I’m a Singaporean who knows a bit of Japanese. No luck.

During the 4 hour waiting period, I did some coding for work. Somehow it feels very stressful having to work at home especially during weekends. /sigh

So I hopped down to Kuftal’s to level my adventuring fellow and skill up axe at the same time. Henrietta (name of my adventuring fellow) reached level 60 today and did a few Tachi:Yukikazes.

After hitting 196 on Axe, it becomes harder to get skill ups so I went down to Gustav to level Great Axe on the lizards there. Before I begin, I went to check and found Wyvernpoacher Drachlox up and running! This is a goblin NM that drops Othinus’s Bow, which seems to be a good crossbow for rangers.

Cast reraise and buffed myself. While waiting for my MP to recover, the exp pt next to me pulled a goblin and it linked with Drachlox. I pulled Drachlox away from them and began fighting it. Had my drk/whm ass kicked in less than a minute. やっぱり一人でソロは無理なww

Feeling quite exhausted mentally, and with most of my friends not online, I went to fish instead. Seeked advice from a fisherman friend, bought a Halcyon fishing rod and some bait from the Auction House and made my way down to Qufim. Meh, I forgot how fishing went and hit the wrong keys. As a result, I lost my 4000gil bait on first try but good thing I bought a spare.

Pretty poor catches tonight, according to allakazham’s forums, it’s hard to get a catch near 50% moon phases and I just happened to be fishing at 48% moon phase. Oh well, I’ll come back another night…

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