And it’s 2006!

I don’t feel that "new year" excitement I used to have back in my student days anymore.

While my friends are out there partying and enjoying the crowd and fireworks, I stayed at home logged in to FFXI.

On Dec 31st, I’ve finished the last 2 AF pieces for my BLM, both with incredible luck. Key dropped within 30 minutes and I found my coffer at the first coffer spawn location I went. So I went back seeking for EXP PT. Didn’t get any.

So I logged out at around 11pm and watched Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind until it was after 12am.

Then I realized it’s 2006 and I suddenly feel like I have forgotten to do a lot of things. Feels like I missed my last chance at accomplishing things.

Checking back at my blog entries, it goes way back to 2004. Time flies. ( ´Д`)

Anyways, the new bed I bought arrived earlier in the afternoon. Before, I’ve been sleeping on the floor on some thin mattresses and a friend advised that I should stop doing so for health reasons. I’m going to lie on my new bed and play FF2 on my little Nintendo DS till I feel sleepy.

Happy 2006 to all my friends.