[Japan Trip] Hotel reservations done!

I had been worrying for the last few days because the hostel I wanted to make a reservation at got fully booked.

Panicking, I began looking around for another hotel that’s cheap enough and ended up with one that costs twice as much as the hostel, but still cheap enough. The average daily rate for a hotel is around $100~$150SGD (65~98USD). The hostel I was aiming for is around $40SGD (26USD) and this one that I’ve just booked is $80SGD (52USD). Oh well, at least flight tickets and rooms have been secured.

Sky Court Asakusa

Stuff left on my todo list for this trip:
1) Plan places to go for sightseeing.

2) Buy a bigger travel suitcase.

3) Change currency. I think $1200SGD (89,500Y, 790USD) ought to be enough.

4) Apply for visa. 

Did I forget anything?

P.S. Don’t ask me to pack you into my suitcase!

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