Beef Sukiyaki

A friend of mine, whom I’ve met over IRC and one of the poeple who got me into FFXI, Sollanon (his FFXI character name), was celebrating his ORD and invited me over to his house for beef sukiyaki.

Every Singaporean needs to serve National Service (Military service) for about 2 years. ORD (I don’t know what the full word is) is when a person has finished serving NS and is free to continue on with his life.

I don’t have to serve NS because I’m Malaysian. Nya hahaha!

Anyway, on Saturday, we went down with another friend also from IRC and FFXI, Joachim, to the wet market in Little India to buy beef. They had the stall owner slice 7 Kilograms of about 1mm beef! Total cost: SGD$314 (207USD).

This specially prepared soup is where you dip your beef slice to cook it and eat right away. Kept at boiling temperature and we added some udon noodles too.

The raw beef slices! Each plate is 1KG, so yea, there were 7 of these.

Of course, 7KG of beef was not consumed only by the 3 of us. A few other of Sollanon’s friends were invited as well.

I was taught to eat them with raw eggs. You crack a raw egg into a bowl and stir it well. Then you dip your cooked beef into it and then eat it. It was delicious and I felt like I have eaten 1 years worth of beef in 1 day.

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  1. Ord – Operationally Ready Date:
    The date that a serviceman is operationally ready to fight the war!

    Orz – Sketch of a kneeling person:
    an extended meaning from the body language that represents a great admiration for someone else’s view or action


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