how to make big money with wiki software

A wiki is a web application that can be freely edited by anyone. Allowing anyone to freely edit it helps a wiki to grow fast. To grow into a huge knowledge base many people can benefit from.

So how does one make big money with wiki?

Step 1: Setup a FFXI wiki
Step 2: Invite the FFXI community to contribute
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit!

This is a true story! The FFXIClopedia admins sold FFXIClopedia to Wikia and earned up to $200,000USD worth of cash and stock options.


"By the way, I recently ran a fundraiser where I put the donations into my personal bank account together with my savings. For some unknown reason, I have about $2300 of donation money missing! OMG! Help!"

Click for a larger view

"No problem. Ask and ye shall receive."

"We are the good guys, we are the good guys~♪ We’ll fill in your missing funds, without any questions asked~♪"

My thoughts? You guys are good guys!

Once again, congratulations on using the FFXI community to earn big money for you!

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