Vana Report: Fortitude Axe, Melee Cyclas

Last Sunday, helped a friend with Jailer of Fortitude and Justice, 2 battles each. Won lot on Fortitude Axe, no torques dropped on Justice. Thanks to the 2-hand weapon adjustment, we killed Justice in less than 5 minutes, full alliance. :o

Went on a merit PT where there’re no tanks! DRK/NIN SAM/NIN SAM/NIN WHM/BLM BRD/NIN RDM/BLM. We fought qutrubs and lamias in Caedarva, a camp around NW of the staging point. We only chained up to around 17+ then the BRD puller DCed a few times.

High chains or exp/hour doesn’t matter to me as long as I get limit points.

Merits wise, I have finished desperate blows to LV3 (15%). With about 9% haste gear, March x2 (20%), haste(15%), I had about 59% haste when using last resort. I swung faster than a sword. XD

Now to work on getting Last Resort recast to LV5 and then it’s STR merits.

Started chocobo raising too, now that the market prices for chocobo food and chocobo raising have stabilized. I named it PaprikaParfait. I hope it’s either red or black.

I’ve tried DRK on Kirin for like 2 minutes. Stupid random teleporter. >_> My hits range from 30 to 90. I had TP but couldn’t do a SA Spinning Slash in time. /sigh

As for my lolAegis, now that I’ve completed PLD relic AF, I’ve begun spending points for 100 pieces. I think I’ve gotten about 3~4 pieces over the past few runs. I’m close to LV3! But this is just the tip of the iceberg…

Recently, I lost the urge to level MNK because of the 2-hand weapon adjustment. But now that I’ve lotted an unwanted MNK relic AF body, maybe that will give me the motivation to level MNK again! The only thing I hate is preparing for EXP PTs. I have so much gear for DRK and PLD which I don’t store on mules, so I have to do lots of muling for my MNK equip.

That’s all. Next FFXI related post will probably be in 2 weeks. I’ve acquired quite a few movies that I’m going to spend time watching when I get home from work instead of playing FFXI!


Kept forgetting to blog about this.

Well, 2 weeks ago on the August 25th, I went down to the Japanese School at Changi for the Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festival) event. It’s open to public.

Most of the food there cannot be purchased with cash and you have to buy the coupons either weeks before the event or on the day itself. I chose the latter and ended up not being able to eat anything there…

The crowd was huge, too huge. Coupons were sold out. But thanks to the few friends I went with, they managed to get remaining coupons from other friends and we got ourselves some Tori Karaage (boneless fried chicken) which is delicious.

We didn’t stay for long as all of us originally planned on having dinner there. But without coupons, we got very hungry and left early.

We did stay to watch some of the stage performances for a short while.