Vana’diel Report

I haven’t been doing anything much except crafting. Been earning small but steady amounts of gil on 3 mules. One to finance my Haubergeon synths, one to finance on smithing skill ups, and last one to save up money to buy items on my wish list.

Current top 2 items in my wish list: Cursed Cuisses -1 and a Fire Bomblet. Though I don’t have the abjuration and I don’t think I will be getting it soon, I’m going to buy the cursed cuisses and keep it first.

Haven’t been levelling my WHM because of the high chance of ending up in a RMT or a PT with RMT in it. SE has been doing a good job ridding the game of RMTs but they aren’t doing it fast enough and also missed out a lot. Haven’t seen Kakiguni or Yinoro. Guess they were banned. :)

Thanks to a certain Aht Uhrgan mission event, I began to like Aphmau and so I started levelling PUP. Bought 250k worth of automaton parts too. Soloed it to 15 and then the excitement just died there, lol. Might need to do more Aht Uhrgan missions to light up that fire again.

NIN is now 1 level closer to Hocho. The leader of my static PT decided to just level with 4. 1 member of our 5 man static was absent. We headed to Onzozo and fought Ts and VTs there.

EXP wasn’t bad thanks to the recent EXP bonus change with signet. Ts gave around 80~100exp while VTs can around 150~180exp without empress band. Everyone gained a level that night.

Tanking Ts and VTs are also a lot easier. Most fights, I spend just 1 or 2 shihei and used purely Utsusemi:Ni. Setup was BLM WHM MNK NIN and we could hit chain 5 a few times.

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  1. Out of curiousity, what frame did you get @ PUP10? Heard folks actually got their mage frames to “PL” themselves on MNKs in Gusgen Mines.

  2. Oh? How does the PL work? The first frame I got was the melee one because I wanted to make it tank.

    Turns out to be quite difficult. I’ll have to figure a way to co-tank with it.

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