Jailer of Justice & Dynamis-Qufim

Had some fun over the weekend. A friend sent a /tell looking for help on Jailer of Justice, she wanted the sword. I thought I would be asked to go as PLD but surprisingly, I was asked to go as DRK! XD

Giant Squid!!

We won with 16 people and this was the setup.


Justice Sword

We had a total of 3 battles. The first one was a dry run, which we wiped and it despawned.

So we recovered, adjusted our strategy, people switched jobs, and proceeded with the second battle. Although 1 mage died, we won without any major problems. Sword and torque dropped as shown in one of the screenshots above.

Jailer of Justice frequently summons Qm’xzomits which mijin gakures a short while after summoned. This is the toughest part of the battle and to handle this, we have 3 mages(BLM or RDM) rotate. 3 will nuke while the other 3 rest for MP.

The torque was free lot. I had the lowest lot. orz
A BLM, no one knows if he has a melee job or not, won the lot with 998.

Oh well, at least my friend got her sword so it wasn’t that bad.

After the second battle, a few people had to go. We looked for a few more people to help on our 3rd battle. But we lost, probably because of the lack of mages.

Next day, Dynamis-Qufim. I was asked to be main tank today. Had a bit of trouble holding hate sometimes, but we cleared the final boss anyway! No AF dropped. :\




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  1. We didn’t have any problems with getting charmed. We had a BRD to lullaby the charmed ones.

    And we’ve proven that it can be comfortably done with 16.

    Hard to get a lot of people also, since it’s a friend-help-friend thing.

  2. Haha, someone’s having fun photoshoppin’, eh? (;p)

    BTW, you have the res in FFXI adjusted to a higher one? God, it looks beautiful… or is that photoshoppin’, also? *lol*

  3. Yea, I had the texture resolution set to twice the size of my game resolution to achieve that antialias effect on the edges of all objects in game.

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