hot weekend

I had so much things I wanted to do, one of them is to start coding a new site (secret for now). But I ended up doing nothing but watching Japanese drama because the weather is too warm to be productive…

It’s weather like this that makes me want to buy a laptop and start doing coding outside in air-conditioned places like the library or McDonald’s. Sadly, most places don’t allow users to use the electrical plugs. And those that do, do not have enough and those who are lucky to get one will continue to use it for many more hours.

Alternatively, I could install an air-conditioner at home but those things use a lot of electricity, my house is too cramp to make space for the installation, new energy efficient models may not be compatible for my apartment’s electrical infrastructure because my apartment is over 15 years old. And lastly, I want to buy a bigger home and move out of this place within the next 6-7 years!

The Jdrama that I’m currently watching is Nodame Cantabile. Quite good. I suck at reviewing so I won’t write anything about it. But I can say I enjoyed it.

On Saturday night, I went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3 with 2 of my friends. We watched the 12am midnight show because the earlier time slots were fully booked. Well, not fully booked actually. The front 2-3 rows were empty and believe me, those front rows are so near to the screen that you can’t enjoy the movie with a good view comfortably.

Enjoyed it a lot! I must have a different sense of humour than the majority because while the audience laughed at some funny scenes, I only smiled. And when I laughed, the other audience kept quiet. I may collect the DVD set for this movie. Next movie to look forward to is Transformers!

Reached home at around 3.30am very sleepy and thus skipped dynamis(FFXI event) which was starting in half an hour, 4am.

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  1. … what about getting a box fan? I dunno if they have those where you’re at, but I know I used that for a bit when my cousins’ AC died. They kinds they have in the States is box-shaped (dur, nyuk-nyuk) and cheap to buy. Dunno aboots the power efficiency, though.

    Good lucktaru, Wyred! (=o) On the weather and the secret site… which reminds me. Once I get a job, I’m probably gonna make me own webspace account… and finally unveil my Chaos Legion website for when I try to independently translate the novels… if I can ever pull myself from knitting. *lol* (@.@)

    Anyhoos, good lucktaru, Wyred!

  2. Aerroenu: My room is too small and cramp to put anymore stuff in. ( T-T)

    Maiev: Shhh :)
    And you’re one of the people I want to invite when I launch the whole project. :D

    If you have any comments/suggestions, feel free to email me! My email’s at the right side of this blog below my profile.

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