morning music

Quite a bad morning. (´Д`)

I overslept on the bus and got off one stop late.

Then I sneezed. Kept sneezing. Must’ve sneezed more than 10 times while walking to office. Sneezed till my throat hurts.

Stopped by at 7-11 for some cold/flu pills.

Yesterday there was company dinner at a sushi restaurant. After that I went home and had a 2 hour sleep before waking up for Dynamis(a FFXI thing). It was then I began to have a runny nose.

So now the flu pills are working, I’m sitting here blogging with my cup of coffee and listening to Maaya Sakamoto’s songs. Her crisp clear calm voice and soothing music made me feel much better. (´ー`)

Check out some samples of her songs here. Though I think it’s best that they be enjoyed in high quality.


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  1. Personally I listen to heavy music most the time, but when the ocasion calls for a soft calming music is a good thing as well.

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