All dressed up and ready to kill

Hit level 58 over the last 3 days. Finally I can don my Chaos Cuirass, Dark
Knight Artifact body. Here’s a brief overview of some key events in my FFXI life
over the last 3 days, in chronological order.

First off, with Evasama’s help, I was invited into a Japanese EXP PT. The
most interesting part is the jobs and subjobs of some of the members.

Note the RDM/BRD, DRK/RDM.

Let’s see. The PLD tanks, RNG skillchains with me (DRK/WAR), BLM magic
bursts. RDM with a BRD subjob was able to give Ballad and Refresh to the PLD and
DRK/RDM giving them fast MP recovery. PLD is thus able to heal himself, DRK/RDM
is support healer and at the same time, was able to deal steady damage and
skillchain with the RNG once in every 1-2 battles.

We were going at a fast speed of 4000exp/hour [XD]. It was fun and I netted
16K exp that session.

Next up was doing Black Mage AF3 Hat quest for the 2 BLMs in Doom LS, Evasama
and Tatomi. Involves a bit of running around in Toraimarai Canal looking for 3
points. At the first checkpoint was a cutscene. At the second, both BLMs have to
examine it with their 2HR Job Ability: Manafont activated. At the third was a NM

We were lucky to bump into a group of Japanese players at the 3rd checkpoint
who also shared the same goal. We then formed an alliance to help each other
with the fight. A total of 3 fights, one for each BLM who needed the quest.
First fight was for the JPs, just before we manage to kill it, we got hit with a
Sleepga II (or was it III?) by the NM.

Based off darkness elemental, my Stun on the NM was always resisted. Thus the
whole alliance fell into sleep except for the other JP DRK who was fighting it
alone. With no mage to heal him, he eventually fell [X(]. Next target for the NM
was Joachim, the only monk in Doom and he just learned Asuran Fists that same
day. With a few punches from Joa, Magic Sludge was defeated.

The remaining 2 fights went on with ease and no deaths for either

Doom LS team on the way to Windurst
Doom LS team, on the way to Windurst.

Magic Sludge fight.

Congrats on Evasama and Tatomi, who now has the complete BLM AF set!

Next day sucked for me. From 10am to 10pm, I couldn’t get any PT invites.
Some of the reasons, there were a few other DRKs around my level seeking. Most
of them are JPs, so naturally, they would get higher priority in getting invites
[X(]. Who wants an NA player (in FFXI, you’re either NA or JP.) who has a high
probablity of screwing things up when you can have a JP player who could play
well? Sigh.

Then on Sunday afternoon, I finally got another invitation from an NA PT. I
was so desperate for an EXP PT at this point where I couldn’t care if the
invitation was to replace a leaving member or into a poorly formed PT. I was
only 3400 to level 58, just the level I need to wear my DRK AF body. It turned
out to be an ok PT. Averaging at 2000exp/hr, not to mention I died 3 times

We were camping in the tunnels of Gustav. In a tight passageway where in one
end, were lots of skeletons, the other, goblins. We fought a few goblins and
crabs when another EXP PT came to camp near us. Since my PT was at the end where
there were only goblins and crabs, they camped at the opposite end with the
skeletons and crabs.

Before the rival PT began, I rushed over to give them a warning. Telling them
that the skeletons would sometimes wander close their camp spot and aggro. Their
WHM responded in acknowledgment. Oh well, as long as you don’t get my PT

Then the problems began. First, while they fought goblins, a skeleton aggroed
and their RDM begins casting Escape in panic. The skeleton returned to his
position in the other end, far away from our PT. But not the goblin they were
fighting. It aggroed us and our puller had already pulled another goblin too. We
fought the other gob while my puller called for help on the gob he pulled and a
high level player who was around killed it for us. Safe.

Then the second problem arose. They were fighting a skeleton and called for
help. 2 PTs combined couldn’t take down this skeleton because it used Blood
Sabre. A skill which absorbs HP from each player in the area to heal it’s
caster. We began calling out to the Red Mages in our PT to cast escape. But
neither had enough MP to cast and one aggroed another skeleton when she used
Convert(switch MP and HP values). Slowly we began to fell one by one. 6 members
of the other PT was totally defeated. 5 from mine, including me. Our leader
being THF, was able to use Flee and run all the way at chocobo speeds to the
entrance and zone to safety.

I got a raise 2 from their WHM who was very sorry for what happened. With
yellow HP, I asked my RDM to cast invis+sneak on me so I can tractor the bodies
of my other teammates to a safe location for raise. Then I aggroed a damn
skeleton who smelt my low HP. Died but at least I was in a safe location. The
same WHM came back to give me a second raise 2.

3rd death came when my PT was fighting an “easy prey” goblin that aggroed one
of the members. I just got out of weakened state from my second death and I went
to help them out. But out of nowhere, a skeleton appeared and killed me again! I
heard it was one of the skeletons that was chasing my leader all the way to
entrance and it was returning. Luck came in the form of a high level WHM who
gave me raise 3. I guesstimated a total loss of 1800exp from those 3 deaths. At
least I was still level 58.

Pretty soon the PT ended. We asked for Escape but both RDMs warped themselves
at the same time thinking the other RDM would cast it. I planned on running back
to Jeuno but now I have to use my Instant Warp scroll.

I put on my DRK AF equipment, stood proudly in Lower Jeuno with my
Jack-o-Lanterns in the bazaar and left for a nap.

30 minutes later, I came back refreshed and armed with a cup of coffee. Now I
need to earn gil for an Assault Earring (+2 Accuracy). Finally sick of EXP PTs,
I farmed from Rolanberry Fields to Selbina. There I witnessed 6 galkas on guard,
protecting the entrance to Selbina from any train of goblins. Hahaha.

Galkan guards of Selbina
One of them saluted me! [:D]

Took a ship down to Mhaura and travelled to Giddeus. Where I explored the
area and farmed for some beehive chips. They currently sell at 5K a stack.

Exploring Giddeus

Finally, here’s me in my DRK AF equipment.

Now to get cooking to level 48 and gather enough guild points for a Chef’s

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  1. Hee, many months later, I came across this same LS again for a Windurst mission at Davoi. Imagine an alliance of Galkas, 2 humes and a mithra in a small and old abandoned house, lol.

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