Meh, just when I got all fired up for an EXP PT, I wasn’t invited last night. I wanted to assemble my own, but the right jobs just weren’t there. No one to heal. When a White Mage went on seek, there would be no Black Mage. When there’s a Black Mage, the White Mage wasn’t there anymore.

During the 3 hours I spent waiting, I was playing Zelda:Minish Cap on my Nintendo DS. I gave up waiting and slept early feeling empty from of the lack of some EXP PT action.

Today’s issue involves the linkshell (LS) I’m in. It’s the first LS that I joined, and most of the people there (perhaps totally) are Asians, mostly Singaporeans. It has been quiet ever since a majority of the members decided to suspend/close their FFXI accounts. There hasn’t been much LS activities besides NM camping, farming and chatting.

I tried to get a group of us to do the Attohwa Chasm map quest but I started too late and only finished half the quest. Anyways, fighting them black mandragoras was funny.

Click on thumbnail for a larger image. And don’t tell me about the hat! It gives +1 Dex! >_<

I, for one, am glad to see an old Doom member, Glueforever, popping up again once in a while to say hi. It’s also great to have his sister, Skee, joining us this year January since all of Doom members that I know of are guys.

Apocalypse, Elvaan Dark Knight and Doom’s LS holder (aka “boss”, he dislikes being called boss so I put the double-quotes there). Never played much with him to learn more about Dark Knight. The only times I recall playing with him is when he helped us fight the NM at Sanctuary of Zi’Tah to unlock the Samurai job, and the NM fight at Garlaige Citadel for the sexy Red Mage AF3 hat for 3 other Doom members.

Sollanon, the Black Mage Tarutaru who got me a worldpass to Odin. Close friend of Apocalypse from what I know. He helped a bit with my rank 4 missions and sewed a set of Seers for Evasama. I didn’t get to play with him much in-game too. He had a lot of real-life business to take care of.

Both of the above 2 have suspended their accounts in favour of World of Warcraft. Sad to see them go but I guess at their level and the length of time they’ve spent in Vana’diel, FFXI probably has nothing much left to offer them.

Starting to feel rather regretful for entering FFXI 1 year after it came out. I must have missed out on all the action and fun I might have had with the senior Doom members while they were still around.

I’d be really sad if Doom LS dies…

Wyred, Hume Dark Knight, level 56, and still struggling for better accuracy gear.

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