Sick of the dull, boring cover image I had, I cooked up a new one with a
screenshot I took last night at Ghelsba Outpost.

The next day after running around Giddeus looking around, I met up with
Ladyrikku and Evasama to finish up the later half of the Attowha Chasm map
quest. Tuufless completed it already and Puipuipui never had enough Windurst
fame to receive it. So the 3 of us gathered at Attowha Chasm and began searching
for the entrance to Boneyard Gully.

All I know was to hug the left wall all the way. The info I found on the net
didn’t give much details regarding this quest, let alone mention we would cross
Tiamat’s spawning point in our path! Tiamat, an NM wyvern which requires an
alliance of 18 level 75s and some reserves to take down. NMs have the True Sight
ability to see through Invisibility.

Running around it proved to be scary. I had to maintain a safe distance,
hoping it doesn’t turn around and wander towards our path, I had to keep an eye
out on Sneak and Invis making sure they aren’t wearing off. Scary looking
monsters all over that could kill me with a hit or 2. My heart was beating fast
as I made my way across this hostile region.

Somewhere just before reaching a cave, we would get poisoned. I think it’s
something to do with the land you tread on. Just need to keep an eye out and
avoid stepping on those lands. The poison reduced my HP at 15 per tick. Quite
fast. And I kept fearing the undead monsters would smell our low HP and come
hunt us down.

About a minute of wandering into that cave, Ladyrikku said we could
be lost. Just this moment I zoned into Boneyard Gully. w

We were rewarded with a cutscene and a brief appeareance of Tiamat. I wonder
if there’s another quest that we could do to find out what happened to the
Mithra Tracker who challenged Tiamat.

Next day I ventured into Ghelsba Outpost, the hills that are filled with
orcs. Most of them easily killed with one strike from my Vassago’s Scythe [XD].
Nothing much to report here besides the Treasure Chest I opened. Got 1K gil from
that chest if you want to know.

Next destination, Dangruf Wadi.

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