In my current office, most Mondays, we always come to work to find out that something had broke.

The other day, the thumb-scanning device that opens the door when authorized people scan their thumbs, froze and half the company were stuck outside. It was probably the thunderstorms that occured throughout Singapore earlier that morning.

We had to buy screwdrivers from the nearby hardware store, open up the device, disconnect and reconnect the power supply to restart it.

On another Monday morning, we came in to find no power supply for everyone in the first floor. The circuit breaker had tripped. But even when we switched off all the devices, the breaker will still trip. Turned out to be faulty electrical cables somewhere.

A long while ago, a glass door in the 3rd floor fell on it’s own. I didn’t check out the scene so don’t know why.

Today, a Monday, I plug my laptop into the power socket on my desk and the power supply for my cubicle went out. Circuit breaker didn’t trip. Turns out the power socket on the floor somehow got damaged and had to be replaced.

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