The power of Yomeishu

After drinking Yomeishu, I began having lots of ideas for my projects and I have a lot of motivation and energy to work on them.

After 2 weeks have passed since I finished the bottle, I find myself lazy to do stuff, no motivation to work on my projects and I just laze around watching anime.

Did Yomeishu really work? Or is it all just placebo!? lol, I might just grab another bottle to find out.

Regarding my NDS, even the local distributor does not repair NDS 1st generation anymore. Which is sad. I was hoping they would at least open up and check if some thing went loose or not.

A friend has told me that he would buy NDS lite together with me should I decide to get one.

So now, what I’ll do is I’ll attempt to open up my NDS and try to see if I can fix it myself. Perhaps re-sit the connectors or whatsoever since I can’t sell it anyway. And if this operation fails, I’ll just get an NDS lite.

Wish me luck!

6 Replies to “The power of Yomeishu”

  1. Hey aerroe, how’s everything?

    At first it tasted bitter, but I’m used to it now and it’s beginning to taste better, lol

  2. *lol* Been doing “ok”. Alive and kickin’… or wishin’ I COULD kick (nyuk-nyuk-nyuk!). You seem to be doing pretty well, other than the DS. :(

    Mmm… bitter… I I’ve recently come to realize I’m very selective of bitter stuff I eat. *lol*

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