Misfortune continues to hit me

My spectacles slid and fell off the table, I felt I had enough time to break the fall but somehow my feet didn’t move. The result was a crack in the left lens. It cracks easily because I had chosen glass lens for cleaner vision compared to plastic ones.

So I brought it back to the shop where I got it made and it costs SG$80 (57USD) to replace it.

Then next thing that happened, I was playing “Professor Layton and the Curious Village” on my NDS on the way home from work. Then suddenly the touchscreen just stopped working. It could detect that the screen was being tapped on but it couldn’t detect the exact position of the tapping.

I don’t mind buying the new NDS lite (which currently costs SGD$230) but I hate the idea of having a spare NDS lying around being a paperweight. I’ve checked with a game shop in my area. It would cost less than SGD$90 to fix it but it will take as long as 1 month. Time isn’t a problem as I can just play on my PSP. Or even better, if I manage to sell it away, I’ll get an NDS lite right away.

Oh well… I’ve put up an ad on one of the local gaming forums. Let’s see how it goes…

By the way, “Professor Layton and the Curious Village” is fun, challenging puzzles and nice BGM.

5 Replies to “Misfortune continues to hit me”

  1. Ah yea, I do have that game too, played a bit but never found it appealing enough for me to continue. Thanks for the recommendation though :D

  2. Mmm, I don’t even want to think about my glasses. I’m having to wait until April to (hopefully) get insurance for a lot of stuff.

    I’ve definitely not been feeling well, and I know I need to get a check-up for them… just need the insurance. (>_<)

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