Evangelion 1.0



And here’s the poster that was to be given out. It’s huge!

I have very high expectations for this movie. Hope it will live up to it! :)


It lived up to my expectations! I loved it! I do agree with some reviews made by other bloggers that Shinji is a lot less pathetic in this remake.

But the experience was a little disappointing, and by experience, I mean the cinema room is small, and the poor sound equipment made the sound effects a lot less exciting.

I’d like to talk about a few scenes in the movie that got me.

<spoiler> Highlight to read.

The scene where Kisaragi Misato shouts “発進!” (hasshin, launch) for the first time.

When Shinji encounters Ramiel for the first time and he got beamed, his screams for help made me shiver, it felt so real I could feel his pain.

When Shinji struggles to get eva back on it’s feet to fire the next shot at the angel. At this scene, I was praying hard for it not to be over-exaggerated, over-pitiful like that Korean anime whose title slipped my mind. And it turned out to be a great and powerful scene.

For a short moment, you see Shinji struggling back up, and next, you see the Evangelion lift up the positron rifle. That really got me burning inside.

Then after the battle, after Shinji opens the door of Rei’s entry plug and talks to her, you can see the moonlight shining in on them, making it a very moving scene.


Being quite an eva fan, it won’t be convincing enough for me to reccommend you to watch it. Nevertheless, watch it if you have the chance to!

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  1. Good to hear it doesn’t entirely suck and that they gave Shinji some testicles. Totally didn’t have this one on my radar to look for on the fansub torrents/xdcc. I’ll check it out.

  2. There was 1 torrent for this movie, but it was a live recording of the movie so the quality is pretty bad. Better versions should be out soon. :)

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