5 golden rules for MMORPGs

… to make your gameplay more enjoyable!

1) It’s ok to fool around as long as you don’t irritate/inconvenience other players.

2) Never buy game currency with real life money. It’s a vicious cycle where everyone gets screwed in the end with the China people laughing at us.

3) Have patience, lots of it. And I really do mean lots!

4) Don’t put in too much feelings, especially feelings of love and hate. It’s an online game for everyone to have fun, not a match-making service!

5) Never give out your account information.

Welcome to Final Fantasy XI!

4 Replies to “5 golden rules for MMORPGs”

  1. Rule #4. Well put. Now, could someone give me a shotgun to shoot off this confounded WTF-this thing that’s trying to attach to me is?

    Damn kids trying to act like 69-year-old-horny old men…


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