Got my Joyeuse :D

When window was up, I headed down to Sea Serpent Grotto to my friend who was already there, watching TOD for me. First we killed some sahagins outside Charybdis’ room and we got Zuug the Shoreleaper to spawn. Nothing expensive dropped. :/

Then we started killing PHs and Mr Charybdis spawned!

Panicking, I scanned my friendlist looking for friends to help. Managed to get hold of a RDM. A second BRD friend came to help too. So our setup was NIN/WAR PLD/DRK BRDx2 RDM/DRK BLM/WHM. I was to spam Flash and Stun to help tank with shadow timer.

Didn’t take long, and the fight went very smooth. Apparently, it was a low level one, according to my tank, because he had an easy time with it.

I never expected to get this sword so fast. Very happy. :D

Next is getting my 9th merit point and spending it on my 3rd STR merit. 6 of these merit points are earned from besieged while the other 3 was from my last merit PT which I blogged about, the healing breath setup PT.

Doesn’t seem it will take long to finish the remaining 2.

Besides besieged, there’s nothing else I do now except crafting. Can’t find the motivation to level my WHM or MNK to 75. :(

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