2nd New WotG Job is Scholar!

The AF looks decent. The looks of it makes me want to make it my next 75 job!

Everyone’s gossiping that the JAs might allow you to view a monster’s stats and weaknesses.


More new updates!

Gobbiebag increased to 70.

Macros increased to 4000 buttons. Currently we have 10 sets of 20. Assuming we have 1 set for each job, does this mean the new expansion will only give us 2 new jobs? Since we currently have 18 jobs.

Players can now invite other people into their mog houses. Lots of cybersex jokes about this already. D:

Scholars have knowledge of both White and Black magic, as well their own exclusive set of spells. They are not exceptional mages, but rather combine abilities from various schools. Scholars also appear to have some use as a support job to other magic-using classes.

By the way, Scholars will not be hitting anything with books. Their basic abilities are “White Grimoire” and “Black Grimoire.” They function similar to a Samurai’s Hasso and Seigan, in that the Scholar chooses between wielding White Magic and Black Magic, but not both at once. There is no time limit on this ability, so technically you could remain on one set of magic forever.

“White Grimoire” lets one specialize in White Magic by lowering cast times and reducing MP cost. In addition, Healing, Divine, and Enhancing skills are all raised, and unique abilities are unlocked. Conversely, Black Magic spells have their MP cost increased and casting time lengthened. However, you are free to switch back and forth at any time.

With Scholar as a support job, using the Black Grimoire will boost those respective skills, perhaps allowing White Mages to net better results with Drain and Aspir, or land the oft-resisted Paralyze on an enemy.

Scholar brings with it a number of abilities to help one skillfully manipulate magic. There are a set of abilities that can only be used with either the White or Black Grimoire. Similar to a Summoner’s Blood Pacts, these abilities are tied to the same recast timer. However, a Scholar has the ability to store up uses of these abilities. For example, say you have an ability with a recast timer of 4 minutes. Normally you would activate it and then have to wait 4 minutes to use it once again. However, a Scholar is able to store up these recasts to a maximum of 3 consecutive activations.

There are also various spells that come unique to Scholar. One allows you to change the designated weather for a target party member. Another causes a great amount of DoT damage. Weather changing magic may not seem like much, but it is great for accommodating preferred spells in battle. Not only does it enhance magic accuracy and damage, but can activate certain pieces of armor.

That’s all about scholar. There’s more info on the expansion if you check the source links below. And to end this entry, here’s a picture of a male bearded dancer! lol

Source – FFXI Creator’s Voice Z – Breaking News

Source – FFXI Creator’s Voice Z – Altana Festival Report

Source – Order of the Blue Gartr Forums – Altana Festival Report (Translated)

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