Aegis it is

So yea, Aegis it is. After doing some research, it has the highest proc rate and damage reduction for a successful shield block.

All these researching made it look like it’s easy to obtain…

YEA RIGHT! *slaps self back to reality*

The thought of fighting Amaltheia for it’s hide is already enough to discourage me. But I have a feeling I’ll get that one done someway somehow, haha.

I’ve been in dynamis for about a year now. I haven’t started spending points on 100 currency yet because I want to complete my PLD relic set. I’m just missing the damned legs piece.

And also after 1 year in dynamis, I’ve accumulated 423 single pieces of currency (click on my FFXI profile on the right). Only 0.39% to Aegis! LOL

A chef can’t earn fast enough to buy a 100 piece a week. Or can I? Even if I craft all day and HQ all night, it’s not possible thanks to RMT food crafters who craft 24/7 and undercut you like nobody’s business.

So I began levelling smithing on 1 of my mule. I started off by investing 700k. 200k for skill up materials, 500k for an airship pass (I took the advice of getting an airship pass from Mikesjustice’s Crafter’s Handbook, read it if you have time, it’s inspirational). The result of this investment is: 76+2 smithing, 43 clothcraft, 50 woodworking, 20 goldsmithing, 140k gil on hand and 400k gil worth of items waiting to be sold on the AH.

Smithing from 0-79 can be cheap. But hell starts 80+. I don’t know if I can afford to go all the way to 100 or just focus on earning gil from HQing Haubergeon to fund my upgrade.

I can’t progress any further because the stuff I’m skilling up on sells really slow on the AH and there’s quite a bit of competition. orz

And another thing I’ve noticed thanks to FFXIAH’s new features, there’s a lot of smithers out there who can break tier 1 on Haubergeon and ARE ALREADY buying up damascus ingots in large amounts. ( >_<)

But still, the process has been fun. Research, watching the prices and selling rates of items on the AH, trying to predict the economy, etc.

For example, I bought 4 stacks of darksteel ingots at 110k before I left for a one week holiday in Malaysia. When I returned, the prices went up and I sold them at 180k per stack.

FFXIAH has opened up registration and registered users can access a lot of features that’s a big help to crafters. I customized my home page to watch all the ingredients and stuff that I’m targetting to earn gil from.

To end this entry, I present to you, this 4 square comic known as "gaijin 4koma" which I made when SE announced turning Ulli into a trigger poped NM.

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