After 4 years…

… I’ve finally finished Aegis!

Yes… I know a lot of people are able to finish relics within months. But they usually have a strong LS to help them.

The plan began in March 2007, after reading Kaeko‘s advice. I’ve even printed a picture of it to motivate myself.

But alas, my PLD seems pretty useless in the era of Abyssea.

My MNK in counter build makes tanking so easy. And there’s also pretty insane boosts from the Atma and stats in Abyssea. Damage output is already high even without switching to WS gear set.

SE did hint that Aegis will be given a boost in the upcoming version update. I hope it becomes good enough for me to tank on PLD more than on MNK.

The final stretch in collecting currencies turned out to be faster than I expected. I crafted a lot during the day and did lots of buying low and selling high during the night. I could earn enough to buy 1~3 Montiont pieces a week.

There are many ways to earn gil, but the one I find that suits me most is crafting. I can do it while reading manga :D

I worked on several crafts, mainly those that have recipes for perishable items such as food, ninja tools, medicine.

Smithing was profitable for a while until the armor market crashed. In my opinion, the best armor pieces come from Abyssea now, not some damascus ingot. Fortunately, I was able to make a bit of profit to invest into other crafts before the crash.

Over the years, a lot of friends donated their spare dynamis currency or sold them to me at really low prices.

Sollanon, Tuufless, Vector, Grepa, Tatto, Zeek, Sodalitas, Walrus, Joachim, Radish, Yuchi, Ryagipibomyupi, Aerroenu, Noepon.

Social LS, Doom.

Dynamis LSes, Explorer and ZorinSoul.

Wasyuu and Tukuyomi, who trusted me enough to lend me the last 26 Montiont pieces I needed for the upgrade.

And finally, TeamKANICAN!

Many thanks to all of you!

(My apologies if I forgot someone >_<)

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