the longest rain of 2006

So the rain lasted more than 30 hours.

A lot of places were flooded. Along the corridors outside my office, the drainage holes on the floor where rain was supposed to flow into, had water gushing out instead.

A lot of other places were flooded.

But I had a very comfortable night’s sleep. :D

Then the worst part came. Today morning, I waited almost an hour for my bus no. 166. The one I take to work everyday. Then I gave up waiting and crossed over to the other side to take other busses to get to the train station. On this other side, 3 of the 166 busses came.

I guess the flood was so bad last night the drivers could not drive the busses back to the Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange to stand by for the next morning.

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  1. Wyyyyred likes to cast Shock Spikes on himself and go out into the rain rubbing against strangers electrocuting them…..

    yeah huh

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