to a certain dumb cat

You dumb cat! (ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ==== ┻━━┻

I had a feeling you were going to quit but I didn’t expect you to sell your account. But yea, Strawberrie is right, it’s your choice. I guess you find it hard to delete us from your friendlist, drop those linkpearls and say goodbye so it’s easier if you just sold it off and cut it clean.

Meh, I had so much I wanted to tell you when you came back. I was happy when I saw your name online in my friendlist and waited for you to log into the game, it took a few hours so I guess you’re getting the updates. Then when "you" finally logged on, I found out it was a different person.

The new guy seems pretty bad at communicating and he looks like he’s set to dirty the skilled-player reputation you’ve built up over the years. But at least he’s not a gilfarmer from what I’ve observed so far. Bah, I hoped he’d at least tell me first that he’s the new owner instead of making me feel stupid.

I hoped you would have let me know so I didn’t have to feel dumb trying to talk with the new person. I felt glad for Tuufless for being able to quit so I would feel the same for you. Although he’s been showing signs of wanting to return, I think I may just stop him now instead of encouraging him.

I levelled PLD to 75 for a friend who quit, to show my appreciation of him. I will level WHM to 75 (of course not in a hardcore manner!) if you bother to email me or if you don’t have my email, PM me in our sky LS forum. But if you wish to totally break off with the friends you’ve made in FFXI, I’ll understand too.

Wish you all the best in your new relationship! (´з`)y-~

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