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Yesterday, I managed to find an s-video cable for my PS2. My PS2 is hooked to a TV-tuner card so I don’t have to buy a TV for gaming. Previously, I was using the cheap AV(red, yellow, white) cables. FF12’s text appeared a little blur. Because of this, I stopped playing FF12 for a week because I felt uncomfortable about it.

Took me a while to find this s-video cable. Now text appear a lot clearer and sharper. There was a noticeable improvement in graphic quality. Check the screenshots below, click on them to view the original size.

CVBS (Composite Video):







Bought a lot of games recently even though I don’t have time to play them.

Phoenix Wright 2 (逆転裁判2)
Blah, Kaido introduced this game to me. It’s like a graphic novel game. You have to search and collect clues and present them according to the situation and reveal the truth! It’s pretty good for relaxing. I play this before I sleep.

Final Fantasy 3 DS
Pretty cool for a DS game. I haven’t played much. It’ll have to wait till I finish Phoenix Wright 2.

Children of Mana
Heard the gameplay was disappointing, but good graphics and BGM.

Dynasty Warriors vol.2
Never play this when you’re doing your business in the toilet, or you’ll never get your business done.
Yes, embarrasing but I’m speaking from experience.
No, I do wash my hands and my PSP is clean!
This game has kept me awake during my bus ride to work. Other games like Valkyrie Profile have failed.

Valkyrie Profile
Haha, cool story but I got kinda bored.

I’ve bought the collector’s edition of FF12, a cheap edition of FF10-2, looking for FF10 still.
Also looking for original copies of Fatal Frame 1 and 2 as those are really good and scary games.

Thanks to FF12 and a certain individual’s sudden disappeareance and unexpected action, my FF11 addiction has fallen a lot. I’m keeping an "addiction meter" in my FFXI profile section on your right.

Which leads to the next post…

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