shameless showoff

First things first, Qutrubs are weak to slashing. My 300% TP Spiral Hell did 3500. But because these are WEAK TO SLASHING, it’s surprising anymore so I didn’t take a screenshot, lol.

Considering they’re undead, they are probably weak to light, but I’ve seen a 3x damage darkness SC where it went over 11k points of damage. It’s screenshot only but since it was besieged, I trust it to be authentic.

My 100% TP Spinning Slash averages 2000~2500 on these. I tried a 300% Ground Strike before we disband but the result was a disappointing 2600. It could be that this qutrub used it’s defense up ability and my RDM haven’t dispelled it. And also, my Last Resort JA wasn’t ready to be used. 


After this little merit PT with friends, I got my 3rd merit and spent it to learn Diabolic Eye. This new group 2 merit JA reduces your max HP by 15% and increases your accuracy.

I don’t know how much accuracy it increases but looking at Vassago’s Scyhte (-5%HP +5 Accuracy) I’m going to guess my accuracy gets increased by 15. The whole effect lasts 4 minutes, which is pretty disappointing. Perhaps SE wanted to see how it’ll affect the gameplay before increasing the duration?


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