Importing CDs log

Bought a bunch of CDs from again. I’m going to log the whole process here for interested Singaporeans.

Firstly, a brief introduction on the process from the beginning.

I registered an account with vPost to have them bring in my CDs at a cheap rate of around $15 SGD. You will need to fax them a copy of your Identification Card to have your account authenticated.

Once your account is ready, you will be given an address in Japan for all your orders to be sent to. You will also have to use a special name (example: Wyred VP123456) for the vPost office in Japan to identify that the package belongs to you.

When your vPost account is ready, register another account with cdJapan and use the shipping details that vPost has provided you with. After that, you’re ready to shop. Browse for the CDs you want and add them to your cart. Proceed to checkout, you will also be asked to enter your credit/debit card info if you haven’t entered them.

After completing the checkout process, cdJapan will send you an invoice email with the list of your orders. Forward this email to vPost and they will process it within 3 working days. You will also receive an auto-reply from vPost to confirm that they have received your invoice.

cdJapan will ship your order within 3-5 days if the CDs are available. Or longer if there’s no stock or the CDs have not been released yet. When vPost receives the package, you will be notified and asked to make payment for the shipping charges before they ship the package back to Singapore.

It will take a few more working days for the package to be delivered to you. I’ve put my work address in vPost as the address to ship the package to since there’s no one at home most of the time.


Sept 21 2006, 4.05PM: Order placed at cdJapan for 9 albums. 2 of which comes with 2 CDs making it 11 CDs. 24,352Yen, USD$208.96, SGD$328.81.
Sept 21 2006, 4.10PM: Invoice received from cdJapan, forwarded to vPost.
Sept 21 2006, 4.19PM: Auto-reply email received from vPost confirming that they have received my invoice.
Sept 22 2006, 3.34PM: I just checked and they have keyed in my invoice into their system. They are now waiting for my package in to be delivered to their Japan office.
Sept 25 2006, 9.00PM: cdJapan shipped my order.
Sept 28 2006, 3.30PM: vPost in Japan has received and processed my package. Shipping charges: SGD$23.18
Sept 29 2006, 5.30PM: vPost emailed me the payment instructions. Payment made using my debit mastercard.
Oct 4 2006, 11.20PM: Package delivered to me at my office.

So yea, whole process takes 2 weeks.

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