The struggle continues

Alright, I finally took the time to get Thief (THF) to level 37. It’s
quite easy playing thief actually. Well, as long as my macros don’t get stuck.

There are quite a lot of occasions where Trick Attack did not activate
causing me to hold hate.

The Sneak Attack and Trick Attack abilities of the THF are very useful in
hate control. They can deal impressive amounts of damage and then place all
the hate on another player (preferably the tank).

Sneak Attack makes your next hit a critical one with added bonus damage based
on your DEX. But this only works when you attack the enemy’s behind.

Trick Attack puts all the hate you generate from your next attack/weaponskill
onto the player between you and the monster.

Activate them both at the same and fire off your weaponskill (Viper Bite
is a good one) onto back of the monster with another player in between, you deal
300-500 damage and successfully tricked the monster into thinking that poor
player was the one who did all that damage.

In my last EXP PT as a THF, my little Tarutaru White Mage (WHM) decided
to meelee all of a sudden and so by accident, we Sneak Attack/Trick
Attack (SATA) on him thrice. There were 2 THFs in our party. The first time
he died, but for the next 2 accidents, he survived because the tank managed to
pull back hate.

So I now have 2 suitable jobs which are at least level
37 to sub for DRK till 75. I have 2 Sniper Rings and adequate Accuracy to
be able to use Great Sword in an EXP PT, I discovered Bream Sushi is a lot
cheaper and gives +16% Accuracy Bonus over Sole Sushi and that extra 1% gives a
noticeable improvement. Just that Sole Sushi gives Strength bonus which would
help in STR-based weaponskills like Guillotine and Sickle Moon.

Last Friday as I did my usual shopping at Orchard’s Kinokuniya, I found some
FFXI related books. One’s a concept art book and the other’s like a strategy
guide encyclopedia
[]. Without hesitation, I grabbed them.
The maps on the encyclopedia are very well detailed. The maze-like Yuhtunga and
Yhoator Jungle won’t be a problem now. There’s also a long list of food and
their various effects.

Though I agree all this information is readily and easily accessible on the
internet, this book is published by Square-Enix so I trust that all information
there are accurate. Of course, I do note the unsatisfied customer
reviews regarding some mistakes at the Amazon link I posted above.

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