simply madness

It’s that hot
time of the year
again. Where the weather becomes really warm and humid. I’m
usually comfortable with warmth but this is absurd. Even at night, there’s
little wind and the air is exceptionally warmer than usual. Each morning I wake
up in sweat even though my electric fan is running at speed 2 (I usually run it
at 1, fastest 3).

Besides the weather, there are more infuriating things happening on the net.
The zombie PCs continue to join IRC channels with random nicknames and IPs and
spam the channel. There’s no possible way to ban them all since their IP range
is too wide. I hope the server operators are doing something.

These IRC zombies are the least of my worries. Recently, the Final Fantasy XI
servers are being DDoS-ed
(Distributed Denial of Service) repeatedly, giving
every single player out there inconvenience. There are theories that this has
something to do with the recent conflict between China and Japan over history

Others say it’s the revenge of perhaps one or many of the 800 players that
got banned
by Square-Enix from FFXI last Valentine’s Day. S-E’s Valentine’s
gift to it’s remaining players. Why I say it’s a gift is because I noticed the
usual China gilfarmers on my server went missing. But! There are reports of new
batches of gilfarmers
returning and the proof given is quite

Anyway whoever staged this DDoS needs to have his ass poked by a
thousand Sabotenders.

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