Panasonic SL-CT710

My minidisc player died, it’s motor stopped spinning. [:(]

So I went down to Bishan Junction 8 after work yesterday to buy the Discman I’ve set my eyes on few weeks ago. Up to 170 hours of play time which is only when you turn off all the functions that require more energy like it’s “Digital Re-Master” feature for MP3s. Capable of reading CD-R and CD-RW discs, supports MP3 files, looks good and it’s Made in Japan!

Alas, Best Denki at Junction 8 ran out of stock. Took a bus down to Thomson Plaza and tried my luck at the Best Denki outlet there. Great, they have them. And I chose the blue color one, same color as my minidisc player. Costs S$199.

I’m giving up on Sony. Although their products look fucking cool, they don’t seem to last after a year, and usually just when the warranty expires. Perhaps I just have bad luck with their products. Let’s see how this one fares. Also, Sony’s ATRAC compression does not appeal to me. In fact, it’s what keeps me away from their products. It’s an unneccessary feature for quality freaks.

Here’s a picture I found off the net.


More pictures here.

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