DRK AF2 – Chaos Sollerets

Feeling a little motivated today, I did a little shout in Jeuno for help with my second artifact armor quest. I just did one shout and in 3 minutes, received an invitation to join party. In it was another level 52 Dark Knight, probably the one who needs the quest too and a high level 72 Dark Knight, the one helping us.

Then I helped out with a bit of shouting and we got ourselves another level 40 White Mage, 52 Dark Knight who needs them boots too, and Evasama, lv 44 Black Mage for Warp 2 once the quest is over. It was quick and simple. Teleport-Holla, ride a Chocobo to Ordelle’s Caves, kill 3 Notorious Monsters and then it was over and I got new shoes~

Later that day, I went to level my Thief job. I need the Treasure Hunter Job Ability. It’s time to farm for materials to sell for gil and buy myself some new equipment. Then I got asked down by a Linkshell friend to Crawler’s Nest for Selbina’s Rolanberries quest. Nice, earned 15K gil. But I left midway when I heard news of a Japanese forming an alliance to Xarcabard for the Genkai 2 quest.

When one hits level 55 without completing this quest, he cannot level to 56 and above. And considering this quest takes a lot of people, I seized the opportunity to ask to join them together with another friend in my Linkshell, Tatomi. It was fun and they were kind enough to return and kill the first Notorious Monster again when Tatomi forgot to receive the quest from the NPC, Maat.

Tarutaru Panic!
Tatomi(Left) Seraphx(Right)

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