Kinokuniya Membership “Get!”

I spend at least $100 at Kinokuniya every month on manga and stuff. I was there last week shopping again and came across Saishuu Heiki Kanojo’s $70 artbook, Love Song 2002. There was only 1 copy of it on the shelf so I snatched it after some thought.

Then it dawned on me that it’s time to check out for any membership stuff. Fuck, should’ve checked out the membership thing before making my purchases that day. Could’ve saved $10.

And so the cashier directed me to the side where the application forms are. Filled in the details and made a cash payment of $21 for a one-year membership. Got issued a temporary card and the official one will be delivered to my mailbox in 3 weeks.

I’m ending this entry with a one-line rant:
I wish the majority of Singaporeans to be more intelligent. ’nuff said. Nothing to do with the people I know. And I still blame local serials for the bad influence.

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