AF1: Raven Scythe “Get!”

And again, my mind’s been feeling dull and blank. It’s all filled with thoughts of Final Fantasy 11.

Anyways, I acquired my first Artifact equipment last night, Raven Scythe, with the help of 3 LinkShell mates. Quite an easy quest and the Notorious Monster to fight was rather easy. We prepared for the battle at Giddeus by storing some TP. The party consists of WAR/NIN (Ladyrikku), BLM/WHM (Evasama), RDM/BLM (Puipuipui) and DRK/WAR (Wyred). Ladyrikku had 300% TP, me at 200%.

To begin, I traded a Yagudo Cherry to the quest point and the NM spawned out of the tunnel and jumped on top of me. High level Ladyrikku voked it, I used Absorb-VIT on it, start with Power Slash (120+ damage. bleah), then Ladyrikku unleashed Rampage (1000+ damage. wooo) and ended with Skillchain, Detonation (600+ damage. whoa). Forgot to check if the RDM and BLM magic bursted but we easily reduced the NM’s health by a good 90% with the above.

Funny thing was he casted Sleepga before dying and the 4 of us stood there waiting for the sleep effect to wear off. I panicked thinking there was a time limit to check the quest point for the quest item. But got it anyways.

Raven Scythe
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Still far from being able to equip it. I’m currently, a proud level 41 DRK. I’m grateful with the people mentioned above for their help and for tolerating the 30 minute delay ‘cuz I forgot to talk to another NPC to get a quest item before heading to Giddeus. Had to warp back to Jeuno, take airship to Bastok, talk to NPC, warp back to Jeuno, airship back to Windurst, talk to NPC and chocobo my way to Giddeus.

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