Where did all my savings go?

Received my 12th paycheck. Meaning I’ve worked for a year already. Time flies
especially when I enjoy what I do at work. [XD]

By right, I should have at least $1000 or more of savings in my bank account.
But what I have left is an amount less than $50 every month. What’s new in my
room is a stack of Newtype USA
magazines, more manga, audio CDs and some figurines in my
closet, a powerful Athlon64 machine
and a comfortable chair. Mental note to do an inventory check and see how much
I’ve spent on my interests over the past year.

If only I had my own room, I would’ve bought some shelves, big table and a
sofa. If I had higher pay, I might consider installing an air-conditioner in my
room. It all boils down to money. Something I’m trying not to focus my life

I might get a discman this month. It’s old but should be cheap. Audio quality
definitely beats MP3 players. My MD player can no longer record, a new MD player
costs $499, a good discman should be a lot less than $100. Recommendations

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