Senoko Fishing Port

Just went on an educational visit to the above mentioned place. It’s where a lot of fishermen come and place their catch for sale.

We reached at 1.30am, a group of 5, shopping for some meat for tomorrow’s birthday bbq. At this time, the fishermen were coming in one by one bringing in baskets and huge boxes of fresh fish and crabs. I had a chance to look at all kinds of fish. There were even weird yellow striped and huge snails.

By 2am, most of the stalls have their catch organized and ready to sell. Before the sellers from the market come in, we went around and bought kilos of baby stingrays, prawns and crayfish. Everything costs $107 including $2 for half a huge packet of ice. It’s nice to know they sell so much ice at $4 and 7-11 sells you a small fraction of that huge packet at $4. Then again, the ice we bought at the fish port are probably not healthy for consumption.

It is darn cheap I say. Buying straight from them fishermen.

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