Almost skipped another night of sleep. I was watching TV while on bed, waiting for sandman to come but he didn’t. Coffee at night kept the sandman away[X(] . So I got up and played around with my blog page again, adding backgrounds to 2 of the panels and fixing up some CSS code to maintain compatibility for some of the internet browsers out there.

It was then 4am. I usually wake up at 7 to get prepared for work. I felt sleepy while watching Mezzo TV halfway then I paused, shut off the monitor, and slept on my chair with the desklamp on till 7am. 3 hours sleeping on a chair is enough to give me a mild shoulder ache now [:(]. At least I know I should be able to sleep easier tonight.

Last night, I was watching this Taiwan variety show, “xi chong tian jiang”, where they play elaborate pranks on celebrities. Something like Punk’d. So the victims this time are 2 members of 5566, a popular boyband. The masterminds are the other 3 of the boyband. Now, I think it’s faked. Or perhaps the victims are terribly dumb (no offence to all their fans).

There was a scene where they were tied up on a boat by some mafia people and 4 of them thrown into a room. They were blindfolded and had their arms taped together at the wrists. 2 of them who were masterminds had already removed their blindfold despite their taped hands, which also got untaped afterwards. The other 2 victims who were in the small room just sat there being played with by his friends. They could too, easily remove their blindfold which they did not, and I find this highly suspicious.

Those who have watched the same program as me, what do you think?

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  1. heya… read ur previous entry. i use php for my blog… but i dun really know how to use it to it’s full capabilities. i’ve never done programming before… but i do agree that php is easy to pick up… =)

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